Online dictionary of geography and travels in Japan: Kyoto Prefecture,Kyushu island

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Kyoto Prefecture

京都府 京都
alternative words: Kyotofu prefecture, Kyotofu, Kyoto fu, Kyoto, Kioto
keywords: kyoto, prefecture
related topics: Kyoto City , Amanohashidate , Kamo river
related web sites:
explanation: Kyoto prefecture occupies the north-central part of Kinki region, facing Japanese Sea. Its surface is 4,612 km2 and the population 2.5 millions. The prefectural office is at Kyoto City. The northern region is mountainous and heavily snowed in winter, while the southern plain is urbanized and mostly occupied by Kyoto City. As an old culture center of Japan, many crafts are produced such as pottery, silk cloths and dye works, and of course the tourism is prosperous.

Kyushu island

alternative words: Kyushu, Kyushu-to, Kyushu to, island of Kyushu
keywords: island, kyushu, okinawa, region
related topics: Okinawa prefecture , Inland sea , Oosumi strait
related web sites: ,
explanation: The 3th largest island of Japan. Facing to the north, Korean peninsula and to the west, Chinese continent, it has been always an entry point of Asian civilization to Japan. The northern part is formed essentially by plans and low hills while the central and southern parts are formed by high mountains and volcanoes. The western cost draws very complex lines and contains many peninsulas and small islands. The climate is temperate in the north and mild in the south. The surface is about 36,000 km2.
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