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Sado Island

佐渡島 佐渡
alternative words: Sadogashima Island, Sadogashima, Sado-ga-shima, Sado ga shima, Sado, Sado shima
keywords: island
related topics: Niigata prefecture , Niigata city
related web sites: ,
explanation: After 4 major islands, it is the biggest one (857 km2) among those located near Honshu. The island is formed by 2 mountain chains and between them it has a plain, "Kuninaka Heya". During Edo period, the biggest gold mine in Japan had been exploited but now exhausted. Washed by Tsushima current, the climate is mild even in the winter. There exists a ferry liaison from Niigata city to the island's capital, Ryotsu city.

Saga Prefecture

alternative words: Sagaken prefecture, Sagaken, Saga-ken, Saga ken, Saga, Sagah
keywords: kyushu, prefecture
related topics: Nagasaki prefecture , Fukuoka prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Saga prefecture occupies the northern part of Kyushu region, facing Japanese Sea, between Nagasaki et Fukuoka prefectures. Its surface is 2,422 km2 and the population 0.8 million. The prefectural office is at Saga City. There exists a coal mine on the northern region but it was replaced by nuclear plants. By reclaiming ground on Ariake Bay, the people had created more rice fields. Now, they are producing vegetables and fruits. The traditional pottery of Saga (Arita ware) is well known.

Sagamihara city

相模原市 相模原
alternative words: Sagamiharashi city, Sagamihara shi, Sagamihara
keywords: kanagawa, military base, town
related topics: Kanagawa prefecture , Tokyo prefecture , Machida city , Odakyu electric railway
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the north of Kanagawa prefecture and contiguous to Machida city in Tokyo prefecture, Sagamihara had been a quiet rural area, cultivating mulberry for silk worms until 1960s when electric appliance and food processing factories appeared. Along Odakyu railroad line in the east, many houses have been built for workers of Tokyo, while American Zama military camp is in the south. The population is 608,000.

Saitama Prefecture

埼玉県 埼玉
alternative words: Saitamaken prefecture, Saitamaken, Saitama-ken, Saitama ken, Saitama
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Chichibu city , Urawa city , Hanno city , Seibu railway , Tobu zoological garden
related web sites:
explanation: Saitama prefecture occupies the central part of Kanto region adjacent to Tokyo from the north. Its surface is 3,799 km2 and the population 5.8 millions. The prefectural office is at Urawa City. Tokyo becoming bigger and bigger, the southern part of Saitama appears as a simple extension of the capital. There, the most of people go to work in Tokyo while the remaining fields supply vegetables for the citizens. The rice culture is prosperous on the northern region.

Sakurai city

桜井市 桜井
alternative words: Sakuraishi city, Sakuraishi, Sakurai shi, Sakurai
keywords: nara, tourist resort, town
related topics: Nara prefecture , Oomiwa shrine
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the center of Nara prefecture and sud-east of Nara basin, Sakurai had been once the center of Japanese civilization with Oomiwa shrine which enshrines Oomononushi and Hasihaka tumulus which may be a grave of Queen Himiko. For that reason, Sakurai attracts many amateurs of the old civilization. Sakurai is also active in sawing industry for forestry of Yoshino mountains. Somen (Japanese noodles) of Miwa is well known, too. The population is 64,000.


alternative words: Sakura jima, Mt Sakurajima, Sakurajima volcano, Sakurajima island
keywords: island, kyushu, mountain, volcano
related topics: Kagoshima prefecture , Mt. Kirishima , Yaku island , Kagoshima city , Kagoshima bay
related web sites: ,
explanation: Volcanic island located at the center of Kagoshima bay in south Kyushu. The explosion of 1914 has attached Sakurajima to Kyushu island by pouring eastward a great quantity of lava. The summit is split to 3 peaks: Ontake (northern peak, 1117m), Nakadake (middle peak, 1060m) et Minamidake (southern peak, 1040m) which is now active. With Mt Kirishima and Yaku island, it belongs to Kirishima Yaku national park. There exists a ferry service from Kagoshima city.

Sapporo City

alternative words: Sapporoshi city, Sapporo, Sapporoshi, Sapporo-shi, Sapporo shi
keywords: hokkaido, olympic games, ski resort, town
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture , Chitose airport , Okurayama ski jump
related web sites:
explanation: Town where the office of Hokkaido Prefecture is situated. The population is 1.5 million. Sapporo was built in 1871 as an administer center for colonization of Hokkaido, by following a daring urban plan: contrary to other Japanese cities, streets are straight and crossing vertically one against another. The main industries are dairy products and electronics. Having an international airport its access is very easy. Winter Olympics took place in 1972.

Sasebo City

alternative words: Saseboshi city, Sasebo, Saseboshi, Sasebo-shi
keywords: harbor, kyushu, military base, town
related topics: Nagasaki Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Town located in the north-west of Nagasaki Prefecture, facing East China Sea. Its population is 250,000. Since the Japanese government chose it as the headquarters of 3rd naval district in 1886, it has developed always as a military harbor. Though during WWII, most of the town had been destroyed, it has been restored as a merchant and fishing harbor. Nevertheless, used by Japanese and American navies, it still keeps a role of military harbor.

Seibu railway

alternative words: Seibutetsudo, Seibu-tetsudo, Seibu tetsudo, Sebutetsudo, Sebu railway
keywords: company, railroad, tokyo
related topics: Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , Saitama Prefecture , Hanno city
related web sites:
explanation: Founded in 1912. Initially a tiny company operating only the line between Ikebukuro and Hanno with the name of Musashino railway, it has become big by absorbing other rail road companies and established a dense network in the west of Tokyo and the south of Saitama prefecture. It owns also estate and leisure land business such as "Seibu leisure park" near Tokorozawa city and "Toshima park" while the supermarkets and department stores are now owned by a separate company.

Seikan Tunnel

alternative words: Sekan tunnel, Seikan railroad tunnel, Sekan tonneru, Seikan tonneru, Seikan, Sekan
keywords: hokkaido, tohoku, tunnel
related topics: Setoohashi Bridge , Tsugaru strait , Shinkansen
related web sites: , ,
explanation: The world longest tunnel, linking Honshu and Hokkaido via Tsugaru strait by a railroad. The total length is 53.8 km while the maritime part is 23.3 km long. Its construction began in November 1971 and finished in March 1988. In April of the same year, Setoohashi Bridge has been opened so all the 4 major Japanese islands have been directly connected by railways. Though the tunnel has been built to let pass high speed trains, Shinkansen, this possibility has not yet been exploited.

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