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Tokyo Prefecture

東京都 東京
alternative words: Tokyoto prefecture, Tokyo, Tokyo city, Town of Tokyo, Tokyoto, Tokyo to, Tokio
keywords: harbor, prefecture, tokyo, town
related topics: Japan , Haneda Airport , Imperial Palace , Tokyo Tower , Sensoji Temple , Meiji Shrine , Ueno Zoological Garden , Shinjuku
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explanation: Capital of Japan and one of the biggest towns in the world. Administratively speaking, Tokyo is a prefecture and a town at the same time. Its surface is 2,162 km2 and the population 11.8 millions. It owns all the kinds of industries and heavy ones are concentrated especially on Tokyo Bay area. The eastern part is heavily urbanized and divided into 23 districts while central part is moderately urbanized with several satellite towns. The western part is mountainous.

Tokyo Tower

alternative words: Tower of Tokyo
keywords: building, tokyo, tourist resort
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture
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explanation: In the 33the year of Showa Era, as a general radio wave antenne, Tokyo Tower of 333m high has born. Until then, each station of the metropolitan area had broadcasted separately television waves from its own tower. So, Tokyo Tower appeared as a mean to broadcast all of them from an unique locality.

Tokyu corporation

東京急行電鉄 東急電鉄
alternative words: Tokyo electric express railway, Tokyu dentetsu, Tokyo kyuko dentetsu, Tokyu railway
keywords: company, kanagawa, railroad, tokyo
related topics: Shibuya , Yokohama City , JAS
related web sites:
explanation: Founded in 1922. Initially a tinny railway company covering south west of Tokyo, it has developed considerably thanks to a diversification policy of Goshima Keita. It is now operating on quite different activities such as bus lines, hotel chain, estate business, leisure lands, department store, distribution business etc. and owns an aviation company (JAS). The main line connects Shibuya station in Tokyo with Yokohama (Toyoko line)

Tone river

alternative words: Tonegawa river, Tonegawa, Tone-gawa, Tone gawa
keywords: river
related topics: Gunma prefecture , Chiba prefecture , Ibaraki prefecture , Choshi city , Tokyo bay
related web sites:
explanation: Taking its source in the northern mountains of Gunma prefecture and pouring into Pacific Ocean at Choshi city in the north eastern Chiba prefecture, it is the second longest river in Japan (298 km long) and the biggest river in volume of waters it carries. Called "Bando Taro", it had been reputed to be violent river since old times. Until Edo period, the river was pouring into Tokyo bay and provoked many floods, so it has been artificially diverted to the actual course.

Torishima island

alternative words: Tori island, Torishima, Tori shima
keywords: island, volcano
related topics: Izu islands , Ogasawara islands
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located between Izu islands and Ogasawara islands, Torishima had been well known for its colony of albatross: Torishima means "bird island". But since 1888, people began to capture them for the feather so their number drastically decreased. In 1902 due to a volcanic explosion, all the workers (125 persons) were killed. The albatross seemed extinct then but man has discovered miraculously some specimens in 1951 and its number has restored now to nearly 1000. Only scientific workers can land there.

Toshodaiji Temple

alternative words: Toshodai-ji Temple, Toshodai Temple, Toshodaiji, Toshodai-ji, Toshodai ji
keywords: nara, temple
related topics: Nara Prefecture
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Saint Ganjin established a private school with chair in the 3rd year of Tenpyo-hoji Era (759). The name of Toshodai-ji originates from the fact that he came from Tang (The name of China at that period) in order to teach lectures of Buddha. Compared to official temples built by a state budget, whatever it may be modest, it is well known as the temple which keeps mostly the flavor of Tenpyo Period.

Toshogu Shrine

日光東照宮 東照宮
alternative words: Nikkotoshogu Shrine, Nikko-toshogu Shrine, Nikko toshogu Shrine, Toshogu, Nikko-toshogu, Nikko toshogu, Toushouguu
keywords: shrine, world heritage
related topics: Nikko , Tochigi Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Shrine built at Nikko city in 1617. It enshrines Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of Edo shogunate. During Edo period, each seignior had been asked to contribute to brighten up the shrine, so many building had been added. Yome gate (Yomemon) is a masterpiece of the early Edo period. Recently it has been chosen as a world human heritage by UNESCO.

Tottori Prefecture

鳥取県 鳥取
alternative words: Tottoriken prefecture, Tottori, Tottoriken, Tottori ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Mt. Daisen , Yonago city , Nakanoumi
related web sites:
explanation: Tottori prefecture occupies the north-eastern part of Chugoku region, facing Japanese Sea. Its surface is 3,492 km2 and the population 0.6 million. The prefectural office is at Tottori City. Most of the area being rural, the farmers are producing rice, tobacco, beefs and pigs. Exploiting a wide band of dune on the beach, they are producing pears and grapes, too. On the southern border with Okayama, there exists a rare mine of uranium. Traditional Japanese paper is notorious.

Toyama Prefecture

alternative words: Toyamaken prefecture, Toyama, Toyamaken, Toyama ken.
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Mt. Tateyama
related web sites:
explanation: Toyama prefecture occupies the northern part of Chubu region facing Japanese Sea, between Niiga and Ishikawa prefectures. Its surface is 4,252 km2 and the population 1.1 million. The prefectural office is at Toyama City. Nearly all the fields are dedicated to the rice culture. Drugs of Toyama is well known since the Middle Ages. Now using abundant hydraulic electricity, the chemical industry is developing. Toyama Bay being very deep, fishing activity is very prosperous.

Toyota city

alternative words: Toyotashi city, Toyotashi, Toyota shi, Toyota-shi, Toyota
keywords: town
related topics: Aichi prefecture , Nagoya city
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located at the center of Aichi prefecture near Nagoya, the town has developed quickly since Toyota installed the first automobile factory in 1937. Its headquarters still remains in this town. The population is 308,000.

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