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Obihiro city

alternative words: Obihiroshi city, Obihiroshi, Obihiro-shi, Obihiro shi, Obihiro
keywords: town
related topics: Hokkaido prefecture , Nemuro city
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the south-east of Hokkaido at the center of Tokachi plain, Obihiro was created by government sponsored militia-farmers (Tondenhei) during Meiji period. Thanks to the vast Tokachi plain, the agriculture is its essential activity: dairy, beans, potatoes, sugar beets etc. It owns an airport and Nemuro railway line goes through. The total population is 172,000.

Odakyu electric railway

alternative words: Odakyu railway, Odakyudentetsu, Odakyu-dentetsu, Odakyu dentetsu
keywords: company, kanagawa, railroad, tokyo
related topics: Kanagawa Prefecture , Hakone , Shinjuku , Odawara city
related web sites:
explanation: Railroad company founded in 1923 and covering the region between Tokyo and the western part of Kanagawa prefecture, especially Odawara city and Mt Hakone. Its express trains bring you from Shinjuku station in Tokyo to the foot of Mt Hakone in one hour and half. The company is operating also in estate, leisure land and hotel business especially in Hakone region. It owns a big department store near Shinjuku station too.

Odawara city

alternative words: Odawarashi city, Odawarashi, Odawara-shi, Odawara shi, Odawara
keywords: kanagawa, town
related topics: Kanagawa prefecture , Hakone
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the west of Kanagawa prefecture, it has always played important historic roles because of its geography: in the east Sakawa river, in the west Hakone mountains and in the south an Ocean. During Sengoku period, it had developed as a castle town of Hojo clan. Then it became a castle town of Okubu clan and was prosperous as a post town of Tokaido road until 1868. It remains an important traffic point. The main industries are photo and printing. The population is 186,000.

Ogasawara Islands

小笠原諸島 小笠原列島
alternative words: Bonin Island, Ogasawara Island, Bonin Islands, Ogasawarashoto, Ogasawara shoto, Ogasawararetto, Ogasawara retto
keywords: island, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Iwo Island
related web sites: ,
explanation: A group of tiny islands located 1200 km south from Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean. According to a legend, Ogasawara Sadayori should have discovered in 1593 this island. From the 19th century, Americans, seeking whales in the Pacific, began to settle there. After dealings between Japan, USA and Great Britain on the control of the island, it was Japan who took its control. After WWII, it had been occupied by Americans but returned back to Japan in 1968 with Iwo island.

Oita city

alternative words: Oitashi city, Oitashi, Oita shi, Ooitashi, Ooita shi, Oita, Ooita
keywords: harbor, kyushu, town, world cup
related topics: Oita prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Capital of Oita prefecture. Located in the center of Oita prefecture, facing Beppu bay, Oita has been always the regional political center thanks to a rich Oita plain. During Muromachi period, Oita had been prosperous as a castle town of Otomo clan which was trading with Portuguese. The activity is petrochemical, electronic and steal industries. The rural area is cultivating oranges and vegetables. Mt Takasakiyama located on the west is well known for a wild monkey's colony. The population is 427,000.

Oita Prefecture

alternative words: Oitaken prefecture, Oitaken, Oita ken, Oita, Ooita Prefecture, Ooita, Ooitaken, Ooita ken
keywords: kyushu, prefecture
related topics: Oita city , Mt. Kuju , Usa Shrine
related web sites:
explanation: Oita prefecture occupies the north-eastern part of Kyushu region, facing Insland Sea. Its surface is 6,337 km2 and the population 1.2 million. The prefectural office is at Oita City. Having few plains, the farmers are producing tobacco, oranges and beefs. They are practicing dairy farming too. In mountainous region, they are working on forestry like firs and bamboo. Oita is well known for its beautiful landscape like Mt. Kuju and historical sites like Usa Shrine.

Okayama city

alternative words: Okayamashi city, Okayamashi, Okayama-shi, Okayama shi, Okayama
keywords: town
related topics: Okayama prefecture , Korakuen garden , Inland sea
related web sites:
explanation: Capital of Okayama prefecture. Located on the shore of Inland sea, it had developed as a castle of Ukita family then Ikeda family. Reclaiming continuously Kojima bay in order to increase rice fields, the city is now distant from the shore. Textile, electronics and metal industries are prosperous. Korakuen garden located near Okayama castle is one of the 3 most famous Japanese gardens. Okayama owns an airport and an university, too. Its population is 572,000.

Okayama Prefecture

alternative words: Okayama, Okayamaken, Okayama ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Okayama city , Setoohashi bridge , Kurashiki city
related web sites:
explanation: Okayama prefecture occupies the south-eastern part of Chugoku region, facing Inland Sea. Its surface is 7,089km2 and the population 1.9 million. The prefectural office is at Okayama City. The northern region is mountainous and the people are living with dairy farming and forestry, while on the southern plain the farmers are producing rice and fruits like peach and grapes. The petro-chemical, shipyard and steel industries are developing on the southern coastal area

Oki island

alternative words: Okinoshima island, Oki islands, Okinoshima islands, Okinoshima, Oki no shima
keywords: island, tourist resort
related topics: Shimane Prefecture , Takeshima Island , Mt. Daisen
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Group of islands located in Japan sea off Shimana prefecture. It is composed of 2 part: Dogo which is the biggest and farthest island (243 km2) and Dozen made by 3 less important islands. Isolated but situated near ancient capital, Kyoto, it was a preferred place to send political prisoners. Emperor Godaigo who overthrew Kamakura shogunat is the most famous person, sent there. Because of Tsushima current, the climate is mild. With Mt. Daisen, it belongs to Oki Daisen national park.

Okinawa Prefecture

alternative words: Okinawaken prefecture, Okinawa, Okinawaken, Okinawa ken, Ryukyu, Ryuukyuu
keywords: g8, military base, okinawa, prefecture, tourist resort
related topics: Naha City , Nago City , Senkaku Islands , Kyushu island , Ishigaki island
related web sites: , , , ,
explanation: Okinawa prefecture occupies small islands between Kyushu and Taiwan. Its surface is 2,254 km2 and the population 1.1 million. The prefectural office is at Naha City. After WWII Okinawa was under US administration until 1972. Even now 10% of its surface is used by American military bases. The region is poor and the people are working for military bases and tourism. Okinawa attracts now not only tourists from Japanese mainland but from Taiwan and Korea.

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