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Iwate Prefecture

岩手県 岩手
alternative words: Iwateken prefecture, Iwate, Iwateken, Iwate-ken, Iwate ken
keywords: prefecture, tohoku
related topics: Morioka city , Hachimantai , Chusonji temple
related web sites: ,
explanation: Iwate prefecture occupies the north-eastern part of Tohoku region, facing Pacific Ocean. Its surface is 15,278 km2 and the population 1.4 million. The prefectural office is at Morioka City. Due to a cold maritime current on the Pacific coast, the agriculture is little developed excepting for dairy farming, while fishing is very active thanks to a rias type coast which gives many excellent harbors. There exist some volcanoes in the western border such as Mts. Iwaki and Hachimantai.

Iwo Island

硫黄島 硫黄列島 火山列島
alternative words: Iwo-jima Island, Iwojima Island, Io Island, Iojima Island, Iwojima, Iwo jima, Ioujima, Iou jima, Volcano Islands
keywords: island, military base, tokyo, volcano
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Ogasawara Islands
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Tiny island lost in the Pacific Ocean between Tokyo and Guam. At the end of WWII, a fierce battle took place between Americans and Japanese. It was returned back to Japan in 1968 but still inhabited only by servicemen. Its surface is about 20 km2 and you can access there from Ogasawara Island by charting a fishing ship but a permission to land is needed.

Izu Islands

伊豆諸島 伊豆七島
alternative words: 7 Izu Islands, Izu shoto, Izu shotou, Izu shichi to, Izu shichito, Izu shichi tou, Izu shichitou, Izu archipelagos, Izu
keywords: island, tokyo, tourist resort, volcano
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Izuoshima Island , Miyake island , Hachijo island , Ogasawara Islands , Niijima island
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Volcanic island chain located between Tokyo and Ogasawara islands on the Pacific ocean. The 7 constituent islands are from the north to the south: Oshima, Toshima, Nijima, Kozujima, Miyakejima, Mikurajima, et Hchijojima. Washing by Kuroshiwo current, the climate is very mild, especially Hachijojima. Oshima and Miyakejima own active volcanoes. Located near Tokyo, they receive many tourists during summer season. All the islands belong to "Fuji Hakone Izu National Park".

Izu peninsula

伊豆半島 伊豆
alternative words: Izuhanto, Izu-hanto, Izu hanto, Izuhantou, Izu-hantou, Izu hantou, Izu
keywords: peninsula, tourist resort
related topics: Shizuoka prefecture , Mt. Fuji , Hakone , Shimoda city , Izuoshima island , Numazu city , Ito city
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in the east of Shizuoka prefecture, the peninsula separates Sagami bay in the east from Suruga bay in the west. Washed by Kuroshiwo current, the climate is mild and the fruit culture, especially oranges, is prosperous. Owing many good harbors, fishing is flourishing too. Being volcanic region, as Hakone and Fuji located on the north, it belongs together to "Fuji Hakone Izu National Park". From the eastern coast, you can admire volcanic Izuoshima island on Sagami bay.

Izumo Shrine

alternative words: Izumotaisha shrine, Izumo-taisha shrine, Izumotaisha, Izumo-taisha, Izumo taisha
keywords: shrine
related topics: Shimane Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Shrine located in Shimane Prefecture at Taisha City. It worships the god of marriage and agriculture Okuninushino Mikoto and is considered one of the most important shrines in Japan. According to a legend, its first building should have more that 100 m high but has been rebuilt with only 50m high after the destruction by an earthquake. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most biggest wooden buildings in Japan. Recently man has unearthed remainders of 100m high shrine.

Izuoshima Island

伊豆大島 大島
alternative words: Izu oshima island, Oshima island, Ohshima island, Izuohshima island, Oshima, Izuoshima, Izu-oshima, Izu oshima
keywords: island, tokyo, tourist resort, volcano
related topics: Mt. Fuji , Hakone , Izu Islands
related web sites: , ,
explanation: The biggest and the most northern island in Izu archipelagos (Oshima means "big island" in Japanese). Its surface is 91 km2 and the population, about 10,000. Volcanic origin as other Izu islands, it owns at center, an active volcano Mt. Mihara (758 m high). Being located near Tokyo, the island is visited by many tourists. With Mt. Fuji and Hakone which are also volcanoes, it belongs to "Fuji Hakone Izu National Park". You can reach there by airplane or ship from Tokyo.

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