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Miyazaki Prefecture

alternative words: Miyazakiken prefecture, Miyazakiken, Miyazaki-ken, Miyazaki ken, Miyazaki
keywords: g8, kyushu, prefecture
related topics: Miyazaki city , Nobeoka city , Mt. Kirishima , Linear motor train
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explanation: Miyazaki prefecture occupies the south-western part of Kyushu region, facing Pacific Ocean. Its surface is 7,734 km2 and the population 1.1 million. The prefectural office is at Miyazaki City. The region is essential rural and the farmers are producing vegetables and fruits like oranges, strawberry and bananas thanks to a mild climate. Around Mt. Kirishima, they are practicing dairy farming too. Being covered by forests, 80% of its surface, the forestry and culture of mushrooms are prosperous.

Miyazaki shrine

alternative words: Miyazakijingu shrine, Miyazaki-jingu shrine, Miyazakijingu, Miyazaki-jingu, Miyazaki jingu
keywords: kyushu, shrine
related topics: Miyazaki City
related web sites:
explanation: Miyazaki-jingu is the shrine built on the place where Japanese first emperor, Jimmu-tenno, might be living before leaving for Kinki region. For this reason, it has been chosen as the most important shrine in Miyazaki prefecture. A parade of Jimmu (Jimmu matsuri or Jimmu festival) takes place on October 26 of each year.

Morioka city

alternative words: Moriokashi city, Moriokashi, Morioka shi, Morioka
keywords: tohoku, town
related topics: Iwate prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Capital of Iwate prefecture. Located in the center of Iwate prefecture, on the bank of Kitakami river, Morioka had developed as a castle town of Nanbu clan during Edo period. It is rather a consumer city and owns administrative bureaus and culture centers such as Iwate university. Traditional iron ware, "nanbu tetsubin" is well known. Morioka is also a tourist base for Mt Iwate. You can get there from Tokyo in 2h 40mn with bullet train. The population is 282,000.

Mt. Asama

alternative words: Mount Asama, Asama mountain, Asama volcano, Mt Asama, Asamayama, Asama-yama, Asama yama, Asama
keywords: mountain, nagano, volcano
related topics: Nagano Prefecture , Gunma Prefecture , Karuizawa , Komoro city
related web sites: ,
explanation: It is a three-fold composite volcano towering in the northwest of Karuizawa, between Gunma and Nagano prefectures and its highest point is 2565m. You will find a caldera called "Okama" at its top and toward the west, Mt. Maekake which forms the inner-ring. Moreover, there are Mt. Kurofu which forms the outer-ring and some parasitic volcanos like Mt. Sho-asama (Small Asama). It commands a splendid view from its summit and belongs to Joshinetsu National Park.

Mt. Aso

alternative words: Mount Aso, Aso mountain, Aso volcano, Mt Aso, Asosan, Aso-san, Aso san, Aso
keywords: kyushu, mountain, tourist resort, volcano
related topics: Kumamoto Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Mt. Aso is a composite active volcano located in the northwest of Kumamoto Prefecture. In the middle, there are so called "Aso Gogaku" which are the andesite central peaks and composed of Mts. Taka, Naka, Neko, Eboshi and Kishima. Mt. Naka has a great crater which is still active. The highest peak Mt. Naka is1592m high and owns many rock-climbing grounds rare in Kyushu.

Mt. Bandai

alternative words: Mount Bandai, Mount Bandaisan, Mt Bandai, Mount Bandai san, Bandaisan, Bandai-san, Bandai san, Bandai
keywords: mountain, tohoku, volcano
related topics: Fukushima Prefecture , Lake Inawashiro , Inawashiro ski ground
related web sites: ,
explanation: It is a strato-volcano, with 1819m high, located in the central north region of Fukushima prefecture, on the northern shore of Lake Inawashiro. Formed by andesite, it has a trace of crater, called Numano-taira, at its peak. The great explosion of July 1888 made 461 victims and innumerable lacs and ponds on the northern slope. Belonging to Bandai-asahi National Park, the view from the top is splendid. There is Inawashiro Ski Station on its southern slope.

Mt Chokai

鳥海山 出羽富士 秋田富士
alternative words: Mt. Chokai, Mount Chokai, Mt Chokaisan, Chokaisan, Chokai-san, Chokai san, Chokai
keywords: mountain, tohoku, volcano
related topics: Akita Prefecture , Yamagata Prefecture , Mt. Fuji
related web sites:
explanation: A composite volcano located between Akita and Yamagata prefectures on the cost of Japanese Sea. Isolated and owing 2236m high summit, it is also called "Dewa Fuji" or "Akita Fuji" because of its beauty. People was astonished by a sudden explosion of 1974 after 153 years of sleep. It forms the essential part of "Chokai national selection park".

Mt. Daisen

alternative words: Mount Daisen, Mt Daisen, Daisen
keywords: mountain, ski resort, tourist resort, volcano
related topics: Tottori Prefecture , Oki island , Yonago city
related web sites: ,
explanation: Mt. Daisen is an extinct strato-volcano located in the west of Tottori Prefecture. Being isolated and located near the coast, it appears higher than its real height (1729m). Daisen means "Great Mountain" in a local dialect. A legend says that Japanese god, Susano, might have attracted lands from Korea and Hokuriku region with ropes and using Mt. Daisen as a peg. With Oki Islands in Japanese Sea, it forms Oki Daisen National Park.

Mt. Daisetsu

大雪山 大雪山
alternative words: Mount Daisetsu, Mt Daisetsu, Mt Taisetsu, Daisetsusan, Daisetsu san, Daisetsuzan, Daisetsu zan, Daisetsu, Daisetu
keywords: hokkaido, mountain, volcano
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Mt. Daisetsu is a group of volcanos located in the center of Hokkaido and Ohachi-daira caldera is surrounded by many peaks such as Mt. Asahi (2290m), the highest, Mt. Hokushin, Mt. Hakuun etc. Above 1700m, it is covered by creeping pine trees and you can find even snow valleys in summer: its skirt is covered by a huge primeval forest. Belonging to Mt. Daisetsu National Park, you can reach there by using ropeways from Soun Valley or Asahi-dake Spa.

Mt. Fuji

alternative words: Mount Fuji, Fuji Mountain, Mt Fuji, Fuji, Fujisan, Fuji san, Mount Fujiyama, Fujiyama, Fuji yama, Fuji volcano
keywords: mountain, tourist resort, volcano
related topics: Japan , Yamanashi Prefecture , Shizuoka Prefecture , Lake Kawaguchi , Fujiyoshida city , Lake Yamanaka
related web sites: , ,
explanation: 3776m high, Mt. Fuji is the culminating point of Japan. The ancient poets of Manyo have made many songs on this mountain and during Edo period it became a preferred subject of printmakers such as Hiroshige or Hokusai. Being isolated and located near the cost, it appears taller than in reality, and charms always those who watch it by an exceptional beauty. In summer, you can climb up to 2500m high by bus then a half day of walk to the summit.

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