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Mie Prefecture

alternative words: Mieken prefecture, Mie, Mieken, Mie-ken, Mie ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Tsu city , Ise shrine , Shima peninsula , Suzuka city , Ise bay
related web sites:
explanation: Mie prefecture occupies the south-eastern part of Kinki region, facing Ise bay. Its surface is 5,777 km2 and the population 1.7 million. The prefectural office is at Tsu City. The northern region is agricultural with rice fields and tea culture, while the southern region is devoted to the forestry and fishing. Ishe Shrine and Toba City with a famous pearl culture attract many tourists. Recently, the industry in the north-eastern region is developing as an extension of Nagoya City.

Mihama city

alternative words: Mihama, Mihamacho, Mihama-cho
keywords: tourist resort, town
related topics: Fukui Prefecture
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located west of Fukui prefecture, next to Tsuruga city, Mihama is renowned for its beautiful beach and a splendid view on Mikatagoko lakes, and the most of its coast belongs to "Wakasa Bay national selection park". Mihama city owns also a nuclear power plant with 3 rectors at its northern extremity.


keywords: accommodation
related topics: Japanese inn
related web sites: ,
explanation: Some people in rural area transform their home, usually of Japanese style, to an accommodation facility during the highest tourist season in order to increase their revenue such as farmers near ski resorts and fishers living in tiny islands. It looks like British "bed and breakfast" but the evening meal is also served. Don't confuse with "pension". It means small western style hotels in tourist resorts. There exist about 20,000 minshuku all over Japan.

Misawa City

三沢市 三沢
alternative words: Misawashi city, Misawashi, Misawa shi, Misawa
keywords: military base, town
related topics: Aomori Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the east of Aomori Prefecture on the Pacific coast, it owns an American air base conjointly used now by Japanese. The base has a center of "Echelon project", too. The city's total population is about 41,000.

Mitaka city

alternative words: Mitakashi city, Mitakashi, Mitaka shi, Mitaka
keywords: tokyo, town
related topics: Tokyo prefecture , Shinjuku
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the western suburb of Tokyo, the area had developed first as a rich farm land during Edo period thanks to Inogashira spring. Since Showa era, the aria has been quickly urbanized and many factories especially machinery and automobile were settled. There exist also many houses and dormitories for the workers thanks to its easy access to Tokyo (20 minutes in train from Shinjiku station via Chuo line). Mitaka means "3 falcons" because there existed 3 falconry lands. The population is 160,000.

Mito city

水戸市 水戸
alternative words: Mitoshi city, Mitoshi, Mito-shi, Mito shi, Mito
keywords: town
related topics: Ibaraki prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Capital of Ibaraki prefecture. Located near Naka river, Mito had appeared at the end of Heian period as a tiny castle town but it began to really develop when a son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Yorifusa moved there as a vice shogun (Gosanke) in 1609. Being the center of Kokugaku (national learning) during Edo period, it owns many historic monuments like Kairakuen garden and Kodokan school. Tobacco and Natto (fermented soybeans) of Mito are well known. The population is 240,000.

Miura peninsula

alternative words: Miurahanto, Miura-hanto, Miura hanto, Miurahantou, Miura-hantou, Miura hantou
keywords: kanagawa, peninsula, tourist resort
related topics: Kanagawa Prefecture , Boso peninsula , Yokosuka City , Keihin electric express railway
explanation: Located in east of Kanagawa prefecture, it separates Tokyo bay from Sagami bay, and faces Boso peninsula. It played a major historic role, because Commodore Perry landed first there in 1853. Yokosuka city, the headquarters of US 7th fleet is located there too. The climate being mild, the western coast, as well as Jogashima island at the southern extremity are favorite tourist spots for Tokyoites. You can visit there via Keihin railway from Shinagawa station in Tokyo.

Miyagi Prefecture

alternative words: Miyagiken prefecture, Miyagi, Miyagiken, Miyagi ken
keywords: prefecture, tohoku
related topics: Sendai City , Matsushima
related web sites:
explanation: Miyagi prefecture occupies the central part of Tohoku region on the Pacific coast. Its surface is 7,291 km2 and the population 2.2 millions. The prefectural office is at Sendai City. Though the prefecture has no particular industry excepting for fishing and huge rice fields, it has been always the administrative center of entire Tohoku region and naturally attracted the population. Thanks to this labor force, recently a modern industry begins to develop around Sendai Bay area.

Miyake island

alternative words: Miyakejima island, Miyakejima, Miyake-jima, Miyake jima
keywords: island, tokyo, tourist resort, volcano
related topics: Izu Islands , Izuoshima Island , Tokyo prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: The third biggest island of Izu islands after Oshima and Hachijojima. Its surface is 55km2 and the population about 4000. The central peak, Mt. Oyama (814m), is an active volcano. Since an explosion at the beginning of this summer (2000), all the inhabitants have been evacuated from Miyakejima. With Mt. Fuji and Hakone which are also volcanoes, it belongs to "Fuji Hakone Izu National Park". You can reach there by airplane or ship from Tokyo.

Miyazaki City

alternative words: Miyazakishi city, Miyazakishi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki shi, Miyazaki
keywords: g8, kyushu, town
related topics: Miyazaki Prefecture , Miyazaki shrine
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Capital of Miyazaki Prefecture on the Pacific Ocean. Once a tiny town it has developed quickly after the government chose it as the capital of the prefecture in 1883. There exist little industries excepting for tourism and agriculture. A part of summit 2000 will be held at this town. The population is about 280,000.

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