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Sendai City

alternative words: Sendaishi city, Sendaishi, Sendai-shi, Sendai shi, Sendai
keywords: tohoku, town
related topics: Miyagi Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Town where the office of Miyagi Prefecture is situated. The population is 0.8 million. It has developed as a castle town of Date family. Being the most populous town in Tohoku region, there exist many branch offices of big companies and administration. "Festival of the Weaver Star" which occurs in August 7 of each year is well known.

Senkaku Islands

尖閣列島 尖閣諸島 魚釣島
alternative words: Senkaku Island, Senkakuretto, Senkaku-retto, Senkaku Retto, Tiaoyutai, Tiaoyutai Island, Tiaoyutai Islands
keywords: island, okinawa, territorial dispute
related topics: Okinawa Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: A group of tiny islands on the north of Ishigaki island in East Chinese Sea. It has become the subject of a bitter political dispute between Japan, China and Taiwan because of a possible petroleum and natural gas reservoir around islands. It is under de facto Japanese control but no body is living there. Its total surface is 6.3 km2.

Sensoji Temple

浅草寺 浅草の観音様 浅草観音
alternative words: Senso Temple, Senso-ji Temple, Sensoji, Senso-ji, Sensouji Temple, Sensouji, Asakusa Kannon, Asakusa shrine, Asakusa temple
keywords: temple, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Sumida river
related web sites: , ,
explanation: The most oldest Buddhist temple of Tokyo for the popular faith, Sensoji Temple is well known by many people with the name of Kannon (one of Buddhist Gods) of Asakusa. According to a legend, in the 36th year of Empress Suiko's reign (628), 2 fisherman brothers Hinomae, who were living in Asakusa, found a golden statue of 50 cm high during a fishing in Sumida river. Then, county chief, Haji Nakatomo, constructed a small house and install it inside.

Setoohashi Bridge

alternative words: Setooohashi Bridge, Seto-oohashi Bridge, Seto-ohashi Bridge, Seto Bridge, Seto Oohashi
keywords: bridge, shikoku
related topics: Inland sea , Okayama Prefecture , Kagawa Prefecture , Shikoku island
related web sites:
explanation: Setoohashi Bridge has been firstly constructed among 3 groups of bridges which connect, crossing over inland sea, 2 of 4 Japanese major islands, Honshu and Shikoku. Its construction began in 1978 and the opening was April 1988. Linking Kojima in Okayama Prefecture and Sakaide in Kagawa Prefecture, it is the world longest railroad-road combined bridge as a whole (12,6 km).


渋谷 渋谷区
alternative words: Shibuyaku, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya ku, Shibuya ward, Shibuya district
keywords: district, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Meiji Shrine , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , Tokyu corporation , Harajuku
related web sites:
explanation: It a narrow sense, it designates an entertainment and shopping area developed around Shibuya station. The latter is served not only by JR Yamanote line but also Tokyu and Keio railroad companies. In a broader sense, it means "Shibuya Ward" and includes also a residence area around Meiji shrine. Initially a quiet village, it has become, with Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, one of the 3 most important shopping areas in the west of Tokyo thanks to its railroad facilities.

Shiga Highland

alternative words: Shigakogen, Shiga-kogen, Shiga kogen, Shigakougen, Shiga-kougen, Shiga kougen
keywords: hot spring, mountain, nagano, olympic games, ski resort, tourist resort
related topics: Nagano prefecture , Gunma prefecture , Kusatsu spa
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Shiga Highland is situated in the northeastern region of Nagano Prefecture and forms a part of Joshinetsu National Park. It is an uneven plateau of 1400m to 1700m high, originated from a lava stream coming from Mt. Shiga. Surrounded by mountains of about 2000m high, it offers a changing topography with many ponds, lakes and swampy plans rich in Alpine flowers. Not only there are many hot springs but it is one of the most oldest and biggest skiing resorts in Japan.

Shiga Prefecture

alternative words: Shigaken prefecture, Shiga, Shigaken, Shiga ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Otsu city , Lake Biwa , Enryakuji Temple , Hikone Castle
related web sites: ,
explanation: Shiga prefecture occupies the eastern part of Kinki region. Its surface is 4,016 km2 and the population 1.1 million. The prefectural office is at Otsu City. The greatest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa, occupies the central region, the remaining plain has been used mostly for rice culture. Recently, the farmers are diversifying the products to vegetables, fruits, poultry. Traditionally, textile industry is prosperous but now electric and mechanical industries are developing.

Shikoku island

alternative words: Shikoku, Shikoku-to, Shikoku to, Island of Shikoku
keywords: island, region, shikoku
related topics: Naruto Bridge , Setoohashi Bridge , Inland sea , Kyushu island , Honshu island
related web sites:
explanation: The 4th biggest island of Japan. It is surrounded in the north and east by Honshu, the west by Kyushu and facing Pacific ocean in the south. The island is mountainous and the culminating point is 1982m of Mt Ishizuchi. The climate is mild. Now, Shikoku being attached to Honshu island via 3 series of long bridges, the fast industry development should be expected. The surface of Shikoku is about 18,000 km2.

Shima peninsula

alternative words: Shimahanto, Shima-hanto, Shima hanto, Shimahantou, Shima-hantou, Shima hantou
keywords: peninsula, tourist resort
related topics: Mie Prefecture , Ise Shrine , Ise bay , Jidaimura
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in the east of Mie prefecture, facing Ise bay. Having a rias type cost with many inlets, fishing is its main activity since old times. The pearl culture was invented there and its center is at Ago bay. The main towns are Toba and Shima cities. With Ise Shrine at Ise city, Shima peninsula forms "Ise Shima National Park".

Shimabara City

alternative words: Shimabarashi city, Shimabarashi, Shimabara-shi, Shimabara shi, Shimabara
keywords: kyushu, town
related topics: Nagasaki Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Situated in Shimabara Peninsula of Nagasaki Prefecture, the town is the center of the regional tourism. In November 1990, the volcano (Mt. Fuken), located in the west of the town, wake up suddenly after 2 centuries of sleep and made 43 victims in the next year, most of them being policemen and firemen who watched the district nearby.

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