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Nishi-nippon railroad

西日本鉄道 西鉄
alternative words: Nishi nippon railroad, Nishinihon railroad, Nishi-nippon railway, Nishinihon railway, West Japan railroad, Nishitetsu
keywords: company, railroad
related topics: Fukuoka Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Railroad company operating mostly in the north Kyushu region. Initially founded in 1908 with the name Kyshu denkikido, it took the actual name after the merge with other railroad companies in 1942. Its headquarters is situated at Fukuoka city and the company employs about 7000 persons.

Nobeoka city

alternative words: Nobeokashi city, Nobeokashi, Nobeoka shi, Nobeoka
keywords: kyushu, town
related topics: Miyazaki prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in the northern Miyazaki prefecture, on the delta of Gokase river, facing Pacific Ocean, Nobeoka appeared first in the history with the name of "Agata" then developed as a castle town in the middle ages. But its development really began when "Nihon chisso hiryo", actual "Asahi chemical industry" had installed a fertilizer factory in 1923. With the other factories such as chemical and plastic industries, Nobeoka has become the industrial center of Miyazaki. The population is 128,000.

North Alps

北アルプス 飛騨山脈
alternative words: Hida mountains, Hida mountain chain, Hidasanmyaku, Hida sanmyaku, Japanese north Alps
keywords: mountain, nagano, tourist resort
related topics: Nagano prefecture , Gifu prefecture , Toyama prefecture , Mt. Tateyama , Mt. Hotaka , Mt. Yari , Mt. Yake , Kamikochi
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located on the border of Gifu, Nagano and Toyama prefectures, Hidasanmyaku is the tallest mountain chain in Japan with many peaks surpassing 3000m. The zone above 2500m is covered with creeping pin trees and alpine flowers while some high valleys keep eternal snow. The famous peaks are Mts Tsurugi, Tateyama, Shirouma Yari, Hotaka etc. There exist some volcanoes such as Mts Yake and Norikura. Most of the peaks are included in Chubu sangaku national park.

Noto peninsula

能登半島 能登
alternative words: Noto hanto, Noto hantou, Notohanto, Notohantou, Noto
keywords: peninsula, tourist resort
related topics: Ishikawa prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Occupying northern Ishikawa prefecture and projecting into Sea of Japan toward the north, Noto peninsula is composed essentially with low hills. Due to its difficult access, the ancient traditions are preserved and Noto peninsula has become recently one of the popular destinations to discover an old Japan, along with many host springs and beautiful coastal lines. The main towns are Wajima and Nanao. The coastal part belongs to Noto peninsula national selection park.

Nozawa Spa

alternative words: Nozawaonsen Spa, Nozawaonsen, Nozawa-onsen, Nozawa onsen, Nozawa
keywords: hot spring, nagano, olympic games, ski resort, tourist resort
related topics: Nagano Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: One of the most famous and the oldest hot springs in Japan, would have been discovered by Gyoki, the famous Japanese monk, during Semu Emperor reign (724-748). Since the seignior of Iiyama, Matsudaira constructed a country house during Edo Period and allowed then the people to come to take baths, Nozawa has become a very popular spa resort. Ski practice is also old there because it was introduced in 1912, just one year after its first appearance in Japan.

Numata city

alternative words: Numatashi city, Numatashi, Numata shi, Numata
keywords: town
related topics: Gunma prefecture , Tone river , Oze plain , Nikko
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the northern Gunma prefecture, in the upper stream of Tone river, the town had developed as a castle town of Sanada clan between 16 and 17th century, and later as a market town. Surrounded by mountains such as Mts Akagi and Hotaka, the forestry is active. Numata is also a tourist base to Oze plain and Oku Nikko (inner Nikko). The population is 47,000.

Numazu city

alternative words: Numazushi city, Numazushi, Numazu-shi, Numazu shi, Numazu
keywords: harbor, tourist resort, town
related topics: Shizuoka prefecture , Hakone , Izu peninsula
related web sites:
explanation: Located in eastern Shizuoka prefecture, Numazu owns not only a good harbor but occupies a junction of the old Tokaido road which goes around Hakone mountain and the new one which goes through. For that reason, it had developed as a post town during Edo period. Since World War II, Numazu has been active in industries such as machinery, chemicals and sea food processing. It is also an important fishing base and a tourism base to Izu peninsula. The population is 210,000.

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