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Shirahama Spa

alternative words: Shirahamaonsen Spa, Shirahama onsen, Shirahamaonsen, Shirahama
keywords: hot spring, tourist resort, wakayama
related topics: Wakayama Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Shiraham Spa was called "Hot spring of Muro" in Asuka-Nara period and developing as a hot spring town along Kumano road. It received even regular visits of each Emperor from afar because of its fame. After the opening of West Kisei line railroad, it has become suddenly a big spa town of south Ki region.

Shiretoko peninsula

alternative words: Shire-toko Peninsula, Shretokohanto, Shiretoko-hanto, Shiretoko hanto, Shiretoko-hantou, Shiretoko hantou, Shiretoko
keywords: hokkaido, peninsula, world heritage
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture , Nemuro city
related web sites: ,
explanation: Peninsula of a volcanic origin, located in the east of Hokkaido near Nemuro with the total length of 65 km. The area is mountainous with Mt. Rausu (1661 m) as the highest peak. The cost is very steep and scattered fisher's villages are linked only by ships. The wild nature being well preserved, the area belongs to Shiretoko National Park. In March, you can admire a frozen sea, rare spectacle in Japan. Since 2005, Shiretoko peninsula has been enlisted in World Heritage of UNESCO for its exceptional ecosystem

Shitennoji temple

alternative words: Shitenno temple, Shitennoji, Shitenno-ji, Shitenno ji, Shitennouji, Shitennou-ji, Shitennou ji, Shitennouji temple
keywords: osaka, temple
related topics: Osaka city
related web sites:
explanation: Situated at city center, Shitennoji is the most oldest temple of Osaka because according to a legend, it was built by the prince Shotoku in 593 in order to pray for a victory of pro Buddhist force against Mononobe clan who were hostile. Though it suffered several time from war casualties, especially Word War II, it still remains as a symbol of Osaka with its invaluable treasures. Shitenno (4 heavenly kings) are 4 gods who protect Buddhism, sitting in each cardinal point.

Shizuoka city

alternative words: Shizuokashi city, Shizuokashi, Shizuoka shi, Shizuoka
keywords: town
related topics: Shizuoka prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Capital of Shizuoka prefecture. Located in the center of Shizuoka prefecture, the town has been developed as castle town of Imagawa clan during Sengoku period, then Tokugawa Ieyasu moved there before settling in Tokyo. The main activity of town is geta (wooden clogs) and lacquer ware for traditional, and electric appliance, plastic and textile for modern industry, while the rural area is cultivating tea and strawberry. The old vestige of Toro is well known. The population is a half million.

Shizuoka Prefecture

静岡県 静岡
alternative words: Shizuokaken prefecture, Shizuoka, Shizuokaken, Shizuoka-ken, Shizuoka ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Mt. Fuji , South Alps , Izu peninsula , Tenryu river , Shizuoka city , Hamamatsu city , Ito city , Numazu city , Yaizu city
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Shizuoka prefecture occupies the southern part of Chubu region, facing Pacific Ocean. Its surface is 7,773 km2 and the population 3.5 millions. The prefectural office is at Shizuoka City. Located on the road between 2 most populated regions, Kinki and Kanto, Shizuoka has attracted naturally more population and consequently created more industry. Thanks to mild climate, tea and orange culture is prosperous, while a beautiful landscape created by Mt. Fuji attracts many tourists.

Shomyoji Temple

alternative words: Shomyo-ji Temple, Shomyoji, Shomyo-ji, Shomyo ji, Shoumyouji Temple, Shoumyou-ji Temple
keywords: kanagawa, temple
related topics: Yokohama City
related web sites: ,
explanation: Shomyoji temple is located at Kanazawa-cho, Kanazawa-ku in Yokohama city and its official name is Kanezawa-san Shyomyo-ji. It was the temple of Kanezawa Hojyo family and might originate from an altar (Jibutsu-do) installed by Hojo Sanetoki in his home of Rokuura-sho Kanezawa.

Shuri castle

alternative words: Shurijo castle, Shuri jo castle, Shurijo, Shuri-jo, Shuri jo
keywords: castle, okinawa
related topics: Naha City
related web sites: ,
explanation: Shuri castle was the ancient capital of Okinawa. Okinawa kingdom being a vassal state of China, all the architecture of the palace has been influenced by the Chinese civilization Unfortunately, during the landing operation on Okinawa in June 1945 by Americans, the castle was reduced to ashes. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the return back of Okinawa, it has been restored and reopened to the public in 1992.

Sky Mark

alternative words: Skymark, Sky Mark Airlines, Skymark Airlines
keywords: airline, company
related web sites:
explanation: Tiny aviation company in Japan founded in November 1996. It operates only 3 liaisons, from Tokyo and Osaka to Sapporo and Fukuoka, with a very competitive price.

South Alps

南アルプス 赤石山脈
alternative words: Akaishi Mountain Chain, Akaishi Mountains, Akaishisanmyaku, Akaishi sanmyaku, Japanese South Alps
keywords: mountain, nagano
related topics: Yamanashi Prefecture , Shizuoka Prefecture , Nagano Prefecture , Mt. Kita , Mt. Shiomi
related web sites: ,
explanation: Akaishi Mountain Chain, also called South Alps, is spreading over 3 prefectures of Yamanashi, Nagano, Shizuoka. It is a chain of high peaks of more then 3000m high such as Mts. Kita, Shiomi and Akaishi, and forms the main part of South Alps National Park. The rivers indent profound valleys and the mountainsides are very steep. There remain cirque glaciers at Mts. Senjo, Arakawa etc.

Sumida river

alternative words: Sumidagawa river, Sumidagawa, Sumida gawa, Sumida-gawa, Sumida
keywords: river, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo prefecture , Tokyo bay , Sensoji temple
related web sites: ,
explanation: Flowing in the east of Tokyo, from north to south and pouring into Tokyo bay, Sumida river is closest to the city center among all the major rivers. For that reason, it has been crowded as a popular recreation spot of Tokyoites. Sensoji temple in Asakusa is located on the western shore. Great firework show takes place each summer. The upper stream is called "Arakawa" and takes its source in Chichibu mountains. Thanks to cleaning effort of the city, fishes are returning again to Sumida river.

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