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Mt. Shari

alternative words: Mount Shari, Mt Shari, Mt Sharidake, Mt Shari dake, Sharidake, Shari dake
keywords: hokkaido, mountain, volcano
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture , Shiretoko peninsula , Kunashiri Island
explanation: 1545m high, located at the base of Shiretoko Peninsula, Mt. Shari belongs to a regional national park above 700m. Many people climb there because of plenty of interesting sights such as strange-shaped rocks, waterfalls and Alpine flowers. There, you can find snows on the northern slope even in Summer and get a view to mountains of Shiretoko and Akan, Lakes Kussharo and Mashu and even clearly Kunashiri Island in a far distance when it is fine.

Mt. Shiomi

alternative words: Mount Shiomi, Mt. Shiomidake, Shiomidake
keywords: mountain
related topics: Shizuoka Prefecture , South Alps
related web sites: ,
explanation: Mt. Shiomi is located almost in the middle of South Alps and generally speaking ,the area toward the south from that peak is called "Southern South Alps" and toward the north, "Northern South Alps". According to a theory, the name of Shiomi has been given because the ocean may be seen from there. Nevertheless, it should be noted that there are many locality names related to the salt such as Shioyu and Shiokawa in its neighborhood, so the name could come from it.

Mt Takao

alternative words: Mount Takao, Mt Takaosan, Takaosan, Takao san
keywords: mountain, tokyo, tourist resort
related topics: Tokyo prefecture , Hachioji city , Shinjuku , Keio electric railway
related web sites: ,
explanation: Low mountain of 600m high, located in the west of Tokyo, Takaosan has become one of the most popular resorts of Tokyo's citizens thanks to a good preservation of its forest and a vicinity to Tokyo's center. It owns at its summit, an old Buddhist temple of Shingon sect, Yokuoin, founded 1200 years ago. One and a half hour of a train trip from Shinjuku station through Keio line then a cable car brings you to the summit from the hill foot. The area belongs to Meijinomori Takao national selection park.

Mt. Tateyama

alternative words: Mt Tateyama, Mount Tate, Tateyama mountain, Mt. Tate, Mt Tate, Tateyama, Tate-yama, Tate yama
keywords: mountain, ski resort, tourist resort, volcano
related topics: Toyama Prefecture , North Alps
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Mt. Tateyama is one of the 3 most famous mountains of Japan. It designates the chain of splendid mountains of 3000m high which tower in the east of Toyama prefecture. It has been opened as a sanctuary of the mountain faith. There is even a legend which says that by following a white hawk, Saeki Aritomo, late Saint Jiko, would have met Amidanyorai. The anecdote that Sasa Narimasa went over Harinoki Pass is well known too.

Mt. Unzen

alternative words: Unzendake, Unzen-dake, Unzen
keywords: kyushu, mountain, tourist resort, volcano
related web sites:
explanation: Located on Shimabara Peninsula in Western Kyushu, Mt. Unzen is an active volcano. In 1990, after 2 centuries of sleep, it woke up suddenly and killed more than 40 persons, by provoking huge pyroclastic flows. The highest peak is Heisei-sinzan, 1483m, created during the last eruption. Mt. Unzen is also well known as the first Japanese national park, registered in 1934.

Mt. Usu

alternative words: Mt Usu, Mount Usu, Mt Usuzan, Usu zan, Usuzan, Usu san, Ususan, Usu
keywords: hokkaido, hot spring, mountain, volcano
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture , Lake Toya
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Young and active composite volcano located on the southern shore of Lake Toya in the southwest of Hokkaido near Muroran City. It has 2 peaks, Ousu (Big Usu, 732m high) and Kousu (Small Usu, 552m high). On the eastern skirt, a new volcano has appeared at the end of WWII. It is called Showa Shinzan (new mountain of Showa era, 402m high). All together with Lake Toya, they belong to Shikotsu Toya National Park. In March 2000, it enters a new phase of activity.

Mt. Yake

alternative words: Mt Yake, Mount Yake, Mt Yakedake, Yakedake, Yake dake
keywords: mountain, nagano, volcano
related topics: Nagano Prefecture , Gifu Prefecture , Kamikochi , North Alps
related web sites:
explanation: Towering in the southwest of Kamikouchi, Mt. Yake is a lava dome located in the Hida Mountains, 2455m high, and the unique active volcano in the North Alps (i.e. the Hida Mountains). The explosion of 1915 created Taisho Lake by blocking Azusa River. You can climb there from Kamikochi via Nakao Pass.

Mt. Yari

alternative words: Mount Yari, Mt. Yarigadake, Yarigadake, Mt. Yarigatake, Yarigatake, Yari
keywords: mountain, nagano
related topics: Nagano Prefecture , Gifu Prefecture , North Alps
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Mt. Yari with 3180m high is located at the frontier between Gifu and Nagano prefectures, in a bit southern part of the center of Hida Mountains. Its peak's form like a spear has given this name. Belonging to Chubu Sangaku National Park, the most frequently used routes to climb there are from Yari Valley or Nishikama Edge.

Mt. Yatsu

alternative words: Mt Yatsu, Mount Yatsu, Mt Yatsugatake, Yatsugatake, Mt Yatsugadake, Yatsu ga dake, Yatsugadake, Yatsu
keywords: mountain, nagano, volcano
related topics: Nagano Prefecture , Mt. Fuji
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Mt. Yatsu is a group of volcanos situated between the east of Nagano Prefecture and the north of Yamanashi Prefecture and streching over 20km from the east to the west. Its highest peak is Mt. Akadake of 2899m high. According to a legend, once upon a time, Mt. Yatsu (male) and Mt. Fuji (female) would have disputed over their height. Realized that she is lower than Mt. Yatsu, Mt. Fuji would have given a foot kick to his head. It is why his summit has been split to several peaks.

Mt. Zao

alternative words: Zao, Zaou, Zaoo
keywords: mountain, ski resort, tohoku, tourist resort, volcano
related topics: Yamagata prefecture , Miyagi prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located at the frontier between Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures, Mt. Zao is an active volcano with the highest peak "Kumanodake" 1841m high. Now, everybody can admire a beautiful crater lake "Okama" created during 1720s eruption, by using a mountain road "Zao Echo Line" opened in 1962. During winter season, the surrounding area transforms to a splendid skip resort thanks to abundant snow fall and its relatively high latitude.

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