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Tachikawa city

alternative words: Tachikawashi city, Tachikawashi, Tachikawa-shi, Tachikawa shi, Tachikawa
keywords: military base, tokyo, town
related topics: Tokyo prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the west of Tokyo, Tachikawa appeared in the history as castle town of Tachikawa clan during Kamakura period. It has developed as a post town of Koshu road during Edo period but its expansion really began when the government installed a military airfield and aeronautic factories there. After the World War it had been confiscated by Americans but returned back in 1977. Located at junction point of Chuo and Ome railroads, many people are going to work in Tokyo.

Taisekiji Temple

alternative words: Taiseki-ji Temple, Taisekiji, Taiseki-ji
keywords: temple
related topics: Shizuoka Prefecture , Kuonji Temple , Mt. Fuji
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in Shizuoka Prefecture near Mt. Fuji, this temple has been founded by Nikko, one of Nichiren's major disciples. It had been the head temple of Fuji sect insides Nichiren school. Since 1912, the sect has become independent and changed its name to "Nichiren Shoshu". At one time, Sokagakkai had been the major supporter of this temple but it is now divorced.

Takamatsu city

alternative words: Takamatsushi city, Takamatsushi, Takamatsu-shi, Takamatsu shi, Takamatsu
keywords: harbor, shikoku, town
related topics: Kagawa prefecture , Setoohashi bridge , Inland sea
related web sites:
explanation: Located on the shore of Inland sea, Takamatsu is the capital of Kagawa prefecture. It has developed as a castle town of Ikoma Chikamasa during Sengoku period, then Matsudaira family during Edo period. Since the opening of a railroad link via ferry boat in 1910, Takamatsu has developed as an entrance of Shikoku region but it was superseded by Seto bridge in 1988. Traditional craft works such as lacquer ware, Japanese paper are well known. The total population is 327,000.

Takarazuka city

alternative words: Takarazukashi city, Takazazukashi, Takazazuka shi, Takarazuka
keywords: hot spring, tourist resort, town
related topics: Hyogo prefecture , Hankyu railway , Itami airport
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located in the south east of Hiyogo prefecture near Itami airport, Takarazuka had been notorious for its hot spring since Nara period. But Takarazuka has developed really since the opening of Hankyu railway and the installation of the famous Takarazuka music hall with its school of dancers. Its population is 194,000.

Takasaki city

alternative words: Takasakishi city, Takasakishi, Takasaki-shi, Takasaki shi, Takasaki
keywords: town
related topics: Gunma prefecture , Shimonita city
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the south of Gunma prefecture, Takasaki has been always an important crossroads since old times. After the construction of a castle by Ii Naomasa in 1598, it became not only a post town but castle and market town of regional products such as silk and dyes. Now, thanks to its railroad hub of 6 lines, many modern industries have also developed such as electric appliance, mechanics, chemistry. Huge Kannon statue and Daruma doll market attract many tourists. The population is 238,000.

Takeshima Island

竹島 独島
alternative words: Takeshima islands, Takeshima, Take-shima, Take shima, Tokdo island, Tok-do
keywords: island, territorial dispute
related topics: Shimane Prefecture , Oki island
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Minuscule island (or rocks) lost in Japan Sea between Japanese Oki island and Korean Ullungdo island. Though owing no trees and no waters, it has become the subject of a bitter political dispute between Japan and South Korea. It has been under de facto control of Korean army since 1952. Its total surface is 0.2 km2.

Tama river

多摩川 玉川
alternative words: Tamagawa river, Tamagawa, Tama-gawa, Tama gawa
keywords: river, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo prefecture , Tokyo bay , Kawasaki city , Saitama prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Flowing from west to east and pouring into Tokyo bay between southern Tokyo and Kawasaki city, Tama river is the main provider of drinking waters for the inhabitants of Tokyo thanks to Sayama Tama lakes near Saitam prefecture and Ogochi dam in the west of Tokyo. The lower stream runs in highly urbanized area while the upper stream runs in Chichibu mountains and forms a beautiful valley. Tamagawa means "jewel river" because there were many jade stones on the river.

Tane Island

alternative words: Tanegashima Island, Tanegashima, Tanega-shima
keywords: island, kyushu, research center
related topics: Kagoshima Prefecture , Yaku Island , Oosumi strait
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Tanegashima is an long island stretched along North-South direction and located in the northwest of Yaku Island. The area is about 450 km2. Formed of flat sea erosion terraces, its highest point is 282m. It is well known that Portuguese have brought for the first time guns into Japan in 1543 at that place. Now it has become a base to launch satellites.

Tateyama city

alternative words: Tateyamashi city, Tateyamashi, Tateyama shi, Tateyama
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Chiba prefecture , Boso peninsula
related web sites:
explanation: Located at the extreme south of Boso peninsula in Chiba prefecture, Tateyama had developed first as a castle town of Satomi clan. The history of Satomi clan has been immortalized by a novel of Takizawa Bakin, "Nanso Satomi Hakkenden". Thanks to its position near Pacific Ocean, Tateyama is a prosperous fishing harbor. Many tourists are attracted by flowers flourished in spring. The region belongs to "Minami Bosho national selection park". The population is 52,000.

Teito Rapid Transit Authority

営団地下鉄 帝都高速度交通営団
alternative words: Eiden, Eiden subway, Tokyo subway, Tokyo underground railroad
keywords: company, railroad, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Semi-public and semi-private company which manages a part of Tokyo's subway system. Founded in 1941, it owns 8 lines of subway, i.e. about 160km.

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