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Okurayama ski jump

大倉山ジャンプ台 大倉山ジャンプ会場
alternative words: Okurayama, Okura-yama, Okura yama, Okurayama stadium, Okurayama venue
keywords: hokkaido, olympic games, ski resort
related topics: Sapporo city , Happo ridge
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in the west of Sapporo city near Maruyama zoological park, Okurayama is, along with Happo-one in Nagano, one of 2 places which can organize 120m K ski jump (large hill) contest in Japan. The renewed stadium allows to organize summer ski jump, too. It was also a venue of winter Olympic games 1972.

Ome city

alternative words: Omeshi city, Omeshi, Ome shi, Ome, Oume
keywords: tokyo, tourist resort, town
related topics: Tokyo prefecture , Tama river , Kofu city
related web sites:
explanation: Town developed on the western edge of Tokyo prefecture, at entrance of Tama valley. During Edo period, the town was prosperous as post town of Ome road which linked Tokyo with Kofu. The town's old specialty, the cotton industry like bedding and towel manufacture is going to be replaced by machinery while the forestry is active in mountain area. As tourist spots, we can quote Mt Ontake, Shiobune Kannon temple and Ome railway park. The population is 136,000.

Oomiwa Shrine

alternative words: Omiwa Shrine, Oomiwajinja, Omiwajinja, Oomiwa-jinja, Omiwa-jinja, Oomiwa
keywords: nara, shrine
related topics: Nara prefecture , Sakurai city
related web sites:
explanation: Located in Nara Prefecture, between Mt Miwa and Hasihaka Tumulus, it is one of the oldest shrines or may be the oldest in Japan and dedicated to God Oomononushi, of whom role remains mysterious. Contrary to other shrines, it has no main building because the body of Mt. Miwa is itself considered a sanctuary.

Oosumi strait

alternative words: Osumi strait, Van Diemen strait, Osumikaikyo, Osumi kaikyo, Oosumikaikyou, Oosumi kaikyou
keywords: kyushu, strait
related topics: Kagoshima prefecture , Tane island , Kyushu island
explanation: Strait separating Tane island from Oosumi peninsula on Kyushu and connecting East China sea with Pacific ocean. The shortest width is about 32km. Though there are many straits between Kyushu and Okinawa, it is the most frequently used by Korean and Chinese ships because it offers the shortest route to go to Tokyo region or North America. In order to let pass freely foreign ships, 3 nautical mile delimitation instead of 12 miles is used on this strait.

Osaka bay

alternative words: Osanawan bay, Osakawan, Osaka wan, Osaka inlet
keywords: osaka, sea
related topics: Osaka prefecture , Awaji island , Kansai airport , Kobe city , Akashi strait
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Osaka bay is an inlet surrounded in the west by Osaka plain, in the north by Rokko mountain and in the west by Awaji island. The south is open to Pacific ocean through Kitan strait while the north-west communicates with Inland sea (Setonaikai) through Akaishi strait. The depth is about 20m in the east and 60m in the west. The north-eastern coast is highly industrialized area and owns big harbors such as Osaka and Kobe. Kansai airport is on an artificial islet built on Osaka bay.

Osaka castle

alternative words: Osakajo castle, Osakajo, Osaka jo
keywords: castle, osaka
related topics: Osaka city
related web sites:
explanation: Located in Osaka city at Chuo ward, it was built by Japan unifier, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. in 1586 at the place of Ishiyama Honganji temple. With 5 stories outside and 8 stories inside, it was the biggest castle in Japan but burned out in 1615 during the siege of Osakajo castle. It was restored in 1620 by Tokugawa clan but burned out again in 1665 by a lightning. The actual building was a restoration in concrete made in 1931 with a mixed style of Toyotomi and Tokugawa periods.

Osaka city

alternative words: Osakashi city, Osakashi, Osaka-shi, Osaka shi, Oosakashi, Oosaka-shi, Osaka, Oosaka
keywords: harbor, osaka, town
related topics: Osaka prefecture , Hanshin electric railway , Shitennoji temple , Nakanoshima island , Universal studio Japan , Osaka castle
related web sites:
explanation: Town located at the center of Osaka Prefecture. Its population is 2.6 millions. Close to the old Japanese political center "Nara" and facing Inland Sea at the same time, Osaka has been always a strategic place in Japanese history. After the defeat of Toyotomi family at the beginning of 17th century, its political role has been diminished but always remained as an economic center of Japan and has many industries. The town has also many tourist spots like Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple.

Osaka Prefecture

alternative words: Osaka, Osakafu, Osaka fu, Oosaka Prefecture, Oosaka, Oosakafu, Oosaka fu
keywords: osaka, prefecture
related topics: Kansai airport , Osaka city , Nankai electric railway , Osaka bay
related web sites:
explanation: Osaka prefecture occupies the western part of Kinki region, facing Osaka Bay. Its surface is 1,867 km2 and the population 8.6millions. The prefectural office is at Osaka City. Though it is the most tiny prefecture in Japan, the prefecture has the second largest population and many industries like steel, machinery, automobile, chemistry etc. As one of the oldest political centers of Japan, there exists many tourist spots. In 1994, a new international airport was open in an artificial island.

Otaru city

alternative words: Otarushi, Otaru
keywords: harbor, hokkaido, tourist resort, town
related topics: Sapporo city
related web sites:
explanation: Located 30km west of Sapporo, Hokkaido's capital, Otaru had been a prosperous harbor for shipping of coals from Ishikari and trading with Sakhalin Island or Siberia. In 1880, Japanese government built a third Japanese railroad between Otaru and Sapporo, stressing its strategic importance. Since WWII, Otaru has declined with disappearance of coal industries and trade with Russia, but become an original tourist destination thanks to well preserved industrial monuments. Its population is about 138,000.

Otsu city

alternative words: Otsushi city, Otsushi, Otsushi-shi, Otsu shi, Otsu, Ootsu
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Shiga prefecture , Lake Biwa , Kyoto city , Enryakuji temple
related web sites:
explanation: Capital of Shiga prefecture. Located on the western shore of Lake Biwa, Otsu has a very old history: it was once Japanese capital between 657-672 and called "Otsu no miya". During the middle ages, Otsu was prosperous as an external harbor of Kyoto city and temple town of 2 famous temples: Enryakuji and Onjoji. The main activity is the textile and electric industry. In 1891, Russian crown prince, later Tsar Nicolai II, was attacked by a ruffian. The total population is 280,000.

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